Wanaque Locksmith Emergency Eviction Service Wanaque, NJ


Wanaque Locksmith Wanaque, NJ 973-601-2507Renting or leasing your property out to someone is not without its risks. Even if you perform thorough background checks on all your tenants, there’s no guarantee they’ll behave right with you or your property. If you’ve had a falling out with a tenant and they’re refusing to vacate your property by themselves, you need an emergency eviction service from a professional locksmith like Wanaque Locksmith. If you don’t own compatible keys to the property, our experts can unlock the door for you. After the tenant has been evicted, we can also rekey all the locks and/or install new ones to keep it safe from a tenant wanting revenge.

Get the legalities sorted first

It’s illegal to evict a tenant unless the local court orders it. The legal procedure is very similar throughout the country – you have to send an advance notice to the tenant a number of times. If they don’t respond or are still unwilling to move, you can have them legally evicted as long as you have permission from the authorities. You can then hire our emergency eviction service.

When should you hire us?

You can pre-schedule our services or hire us on an emergency basis, as long as you have secured a court order. All you have to do is to talk to our company representative on 973-601-2507 (or just email us with your requirements if you’re pre-scheduling). We’ll send a team to your location anywhere in Wanaque, NJ in a short span of time. If the tenant is still occupying the property, an officer of the law will need to be present on-site to escort them off premises.

Fast overnight rekeying

Our emergency eviction service can rekey one or more of your locks, so you can have access to your property again. We can work overnight too, if necessary. That way, you’ll be able to hand the property over to a new tenant the very next day.

Get better security for your property

There’s no guarantee that a tenant you’ve had a falling out with will respect the law and leave your property alone. There have been many cases of retaliation damage all over the country. If you’re worried about the safety of the property or the new tenants, then we recommend you get new locks installed on your doors, windows, garage door, as well as the mailbox.

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