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Wanaque Locksmith is Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured Locksmith Company.

Many Locksmiths are looking to cut corners and reduce their accountability. Ask your Locksmith if they are fully licensed, bonded and insured – like we are.

Wanaque Locksmith has Best Locksmith Training

All our Locksmiths went through our training program, our program provides hands on training guided by master locksmiths. This program vastly exceeds government training programs – so our locksmiths literally are the best

Wanaque Locksmith are Reliable and Trustworthy Locksmith Company in Wanaque, NJ.

We'll help you determine the optimal choice to fit your needs. You can make a scheduled visit or get us to visit if you need our services, but, no matter what, we’ll be at hand to aid you at all hours, 365 days a year. Our company's Locksmiths already have fantastic expertise in motor vehicle, business, house, and home security support.

Many Locksmith companies won’t work on holidays, but we will. Our Emergency Locksmith Service is available year round for 24 hours a day because accidents don’t take a day off. You could lose your Keys on Thanksgiving, Lock Yourself out of your home on Christmas, or have a Lock Break during Easter. No matter what the situation is or when it happens, we’ll have a mobile unit ready to go out and service you. All of our technicians are licensed and insured and cover any kind of Automotive Locksmith, Commercial Locksmith, or Residential Locksmith Service.                        

We are the largest Locksmith Company in Wanaque, NJ. We have more Locksmiths available and on the road than any other Locksmith Company. When you call Wanaque Locksmith, you speak directly with the technician. When you book your job you know exactly who will show up, when, and how much it will cost.

We at Wanaque Locksmith We’ve Seen It All

Did your dog Lock you out? Was your business broken into? We’ve seen it all, we’ve learnt from it, and we pass that knowledge on to you.

We are License Bonded & Insured in the state of New Jersey.

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Wanaque Locksmith Wanaque, NJ 973-601-2507

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Wanaque Locksmith Wanaque, NJ 973-601-2507


We Accept all Major Credit Cards

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Wanaque Locksmith Wanaque, NJ 973-601-2507

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